Sweetie 1989

Explores sisters, in their twenties, their parents, and family dysfunctions. Kay is gangly and slightly askew, consulting a fortune teller and then falling in love with a man because of a mole on his face and a lock of hair; then, falling out of love when he plants a tree in their yard. Sweetie is plump, imperious, self-centered, and seriously mentally ill. The parents see none of the illness, seeing only their cute child. Kay mainly feels exasperation at her sister's impositions. Slowly, the film exposes how the roots of Sweetie's illness have choked Kay's own development. Can she be released?

Sweetie 1929

Chorus girl Barbara Pell (Nancy Carroll) inherits a school for boys, and uses her position to sabotage the football career of the boy who jilted her.

London Sweeties 2019

A humor- filled story of a group of Thai in London. With their lack of language ability, chaotic but fun love stories await.

Dancing Sweeties 1930

Bill is a hot shot dancer who partners with Jazzbo, until he sees Molly at the dance. He enters the Waltz with Molly and wins first prize - and they wind up being married that same night. Now they are free of their parents nagging and their own bosses. 24 hours - no dancing as in-laws are visiting. 24 days - the Apartment is finished so off to the Hoffman's Parisian Dance Palace. Molly can only dance the Waltz and not the hot new jazz dance so she leaves and Bill follows. They are both unhappy, Bill has two left feet when it comes to romance.

Sixteen Sweeties 1930

A claustrophobic stage revue where McNaughton comes out to introduce the numbers with Thelma white and chorines, but is interrupted by Wills and Carney with painful gags, and some clothes-tearing horseplay. For a costume number with the boys, McNaughton is replaced by McKay.

Sweetiee Weds NRI 2017

Sweetiee Weds NRI is a Bollywood comedy movie, directed by Hasnain Hyderabadawala and Written by Creative Director Tariq Mohammad. The movie stars Himansh Kohli, Zoya Afroz, Darshan Jariwalla and Kiran Joneja in lead roles.

Sing for Sweetie 1938

Sally Newton is in love with Lee Sullivan, a young tenor singer with Johnny Johnson's Orchestra, but her father prefers a stuffy young clerk as her suitor. She makes him taker her to the nightclub where Lee sings. Lee has arranged for Sally to elope with him, his song "Let's Take It on the Chin" being the signal for her. But the clerk has hired a tough gangster to keep Lee from singing.

Nutcracker Sweeties / The Judas Tree 2006

These lively performances of two contrasting ballets will thrill fans of the art form. Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington's "Nutcracker Sweeties," choreographed by David Bintley, celebrates 1940s America through its dazzling fusion of historical icons, glamorous costumes and big band music. "The Judas Tree," an emotionally charged piece choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan and starring Irek Mukhamedov, addresses the dark side of male sexuality.

Flatbed Annie & Sweetie Pie: Lady Truckers 1979

This engaging made-for-television movie follows the adventures of Ginny "Sweetie Pie" LaRosa (Kim Darby), who needs money after her trucker husband, Jack (Fred Willard), is shot by hijackers. Fortunately, she finds a partner in Flatbed Annie (Annie Potts), a freewheelin' driver. The women form an unlikely but profitable friendship while fending off the repo man who wants the truck and the criminals who are after the cocaine hidden in it.

My Sweetie 2004

Sammy, growing with women all his life, meets Suet in the MTR and falls for her at the first sight. One day, Sammy goes back to his office and to his surprise, Suet is there as a newcomer of their company together with Strong. Strong and Sammy are childhood rivals. However, their company asks them to create a new advertisement. From that day, love starts growing between Sammy and Strong. Their advertisement is a way success, and Suet finally falls for Sammy’s talent and starts dating him. Heartbroken, Strong decides to quit the job. Sammy finally realizes Strong is the one he loves. On Strong's farewell party, Sammy tells her how much he loves her, will Strong accept Sammy's love and have a happy ending?

Why Me, Sweetie?! 2003

In this film, Louis Koo tries to woo a Beijing theater student (Cherry Ying), but he suffers from memory loss, and he keeps forgetting who she is.

Caramelle 1995

A woman is longing to make love to her husband once again, but he is always working or tired. At her wit's end she consults a medium, who has a couple of solutions for her problem. The first two solutions fail, but maybe the sweets will help?

The Sweet Pussycats 1969

An officer (Sieghardt Rupp) and a count (Ernst Stankovski) who live in opposite ends of the same castle bet each other who will be the first to bed their respective new 'virgin' maid. The winner will get ownership of the castle. In order to attain his goal, the officer ignores his lusty fiancee (Edwige Fenech) but she soon finds a luitenant (Ivan Nesbitt) to turn her attention to. Eventually a whole stable of local prostitutes gets in on the act.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's 2011

When Miss Robbie Montgomery, a 1960s backup singer and former “Ikette,” suffered a collapsed lung and had to stop singing, she decided to pour her talents into another creative venture—a soul food restaurant called Sweetie Pie's. This docuseries follows the loud, loving and often singing Montgomery family as they work to expand their empire, one soulful dish at a time.

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