Freestyle 2004

Elena Elmoznino’s short doc Freestyle has such an irresistible subject matter — it’s about “canine freestyle,” a sport in which dogs and their owners dance competitively — that all she really needed to do was point her camera at these prancing duos and let the footage speak for itself. But what makes Elmoznino’s film a true delight as well as an award winner (it nabbed Best Short Doc at Slamdance 2004) is its sure storytelling sense and the compassionate humor with which it depicts its subjects.

Freesia 2017

A multi-narrative journey that weaves between three families in present-day Bradford, where three worlds collide and leave a Muslim scholar fighting for his life. Yusif, the son of Mosque scholar Rehman, is doing his best to keep his dad's dream at arms length. Zac is from a white working class family whose troubles hit fifth gear due to his radical behaviour. Khadija is second generation Iraqi and a recent graduate in politics whose ambitions are about to be put to the test. Fuelled by yet another grooming case making the headlines, they must face the storm before the calm.

Freestyle Fanatiks 2007

Sway and King Tech -- rappers and hosts of the groundbreaking Bay Area hip-hop radio show "The Wake Up Show" -- present this magazine-style program of interviews, live performances and freestyles from some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Among the featured artists are Eminem, KRS-One, Common, the Roots, Pharrell and the Neptunes, Xzibit, DJ Quik and many others.

Freesia: Bullet Over Tears 2007

In the near future of a Japan, the ancient 'Act of Vengeance' is revived and professional executioners are permitted to kill criminals by the requests from their victims. People who are to be executed are notified of the execution time and date in advance and they are allowed to have their own guard.

The Freestone Drone 2013

An unmanned drone deviates from its destined flight path, as it wanders through time and space its camera surveys its surroundings and the robot narrates its findings.

Five Coolest Things: Freestyle 2004

Part of a series aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts of all stripes, this installment features undefeated freestyle champ Travis Pastrana. The Motocross and Supercross titleholder shows off his signature, gravity-defying moves and offers insight into his topnotch riding skills, including how to conquer new jumps, how to perfect stunts and how to create crowd-pleasing routines. Show host Matt LeBlanc rides with and interviews Pastrana.

Generations of Freeskiing 2017

Dive deep into the story of freestyle skiing, its origins, and how it continues to develop. In the fluid style of a top-to-bottom run that reaches across eras, take a thrilling ride through history.

Freestyle (with Brian Friedman) 2004

Superstar dance choreographer Brian Friedman auditions a new group of dancers and teaches them the latestmoves to music by Ashanti, Mya and Britney Spears. The dancers perform the routine in front of an audince of music industry experts at the world-famous Key Club. Put on the DVD and learn to dance like a superstar with Brian Friedman's "Freestyle."

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme 2000

From neighborhood ciphers to the most notorious MC battles, "Freestyle: the Art of Rhyme" captures the electrifying energy of improvisational hip-hop--the rarely recorded art form of rhyming spontaneously. Like preachers and jazz solos, freestyles exist only in the moment, a modern-day incarnation of the African-American storytelling tradition. Shot over a period of more than seven years, it is already an underground cult film in the hip-hop world. The film systematically debunks the false image put out by record companies that hip-hop culture is violent or money-obsessed. Instead, it lets real hip-hop artists, known and unknown, weave their story out of a passionate mix of language, politics, and spirituality.

100m Freestyle 2013

Polo and Domingo spend their last days together between Ciudad Mendoza and Cordoba, in Veracruz, Mexico, before Domingo moves to another city for college. Domingo has to say goodbye to his girlfriend, Mina; while Polo deals with his feelings towards his best friend in the little time they have left.

Romance Freestyle 1958

The love between young college students Toki (Hibari Misora) and the handsome Takaga (Ken Takakura) is tested when Takaya's parents, who depise Toki's family's geisha house business, intervenes in their relationship.

Free Show 1979

A film in three acts, each act prefaced by a short circus act. Act 1 – Cutting liver, Act II – Ironing, Act III – Plucking Eyebrows. Three potentially violent domestic activities performed by a woman. Jayne Parker discovered film as a medium when she was a sculpture student at Canterbury College of Art (1977-80). In early works, objects, performance and gesture were combined by the camera to explore space, duration and the physical body. The images in these early films were both literal and metaphoric, depicting exact events but also creating physical and personal associations for the viewer. Ideas are evoked in images rather than words; ordinary actions are also enigmas.

Freestyle Festigal 2018

The FreeStyle Festival 2018 focuses on two different bands competing in an equal music competition. On the one hand, the Academia band - a strict band with high standards, starring Noa Kirl and the guidance of her aunt Eliana Tidhar. On the other hand, the silent stars starring Yonatan Margi is a charismatic and quiet man who will deal with his older brother Moshe Peretz, who does not want his little brother to enter the Zohar world. After the Street Fighters meet Idan Raichel, he decides to adopt the band and serve as its main mentor to win the music competition against the Academy. The plot is entangled in love stories, headed by Noa Kearl and Yonatan Margi with distant connections. This year's Festigal will convey a message of free choice without the need to tag the other with the slogan "Whatever you choose to be."

FreeStyle 2005

FreeStyle is a no-cost design show on HGTV where interior decorators and designers de-clutter, reorganize and move furniture and accessories around in a room, to give homeowners a dramatic new look without spending a dime! The series was originally hosted by Aaron Foster, but new episodes now feature Evan Farmer as the host. Designers featured regularly on the show include: Evette Rios, Kelley Hundahl, Kahi Lee, Taniya Nayak and Amanda Miller.

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