Wonder Wheel 2017

The story of four characters whose lives intertwine amid the hustle and bustle of the Coney Island amusement park in the 1950s: Ginny, an emotionally volatile former actress now working as a waitress in a clam house; Humpty, Ginny’s rough-hewn carousel operator husband; Mickey, a handsome young lifeguard who dreams of becoming a playwright; and Carolina, Humpty’s long-estranged daughter, who is now hiding out from gangsters at her father’s apartment.

The Third Wheel 2002

The clumsy and shy Stanley is a nice fellow, beloved by his colleagues in the office. He has a crush on the gorgeous new-hire Diana, but he has difficulties to get close to her. When Stanley finally invites Diana for a date, he hits the homeless Phil with his Taurus, and his planned night turns upside down.

Mabel at the Wheel 1914

Charlie, competing with his rival's race car, offers Mabel a ride on his motorcycle but drops her in a puddle. He also kidnaps his rival before the race. But Mabel decides to take the wheels in his place, thus causing a threat to Charlie. As the race progresses, despite a very late start, Mabel manages to gain a lead of three laps. Charlie with his henchmen, tries to sabotage the race by using oil and bombs on the track. They seem to succeed for a while, but their dirty tricks were not enough to stop the high-spirited Mabel from winning the race.

Heart Like a Wheel 1983

Shirley Muldowney is determined to be a top-fuel drag racer, although no woman has ever raced them before. Despite the high risks of this kind of racing and the burden it places on her family life, she perseveres in her dream.

Donald and the Wheel 1961

A father tells his son the invention of the wheel was most important; to prove it, the two hipsters visit the inventor caveman Donald Duck. There follows a survey of the progress of transportation, a digression into the basics of gear ratios, a series of live-action dancers to various styles of music inside a giant jukebox, an illustration of the use of wheels in power generation and space satellites, etc. Ultimately, Donald decides he doesn't want the responsibility, but certainly someone else would take on the task.

The Color Wheel 2011

JR has broken up with her professor. She enlists her nervous and obnoxious younger brother Colin to take a short road trip in order to help move out her belongings. They bicker and fight, with one another and pretty much anybody they encounter, before being brought to a place of togetherness and understanding as a result of being pushed away by everybody in their lives except one another.

Wheel 2007

Salim Shaheen film from Afghanistan

The Big Wheel 1949

The ambitious son of an accomplished race driver struggles to outrun his father's legacy and achieve his own successes.

Wheel of Time 2003

Wheel of Time is Werner Herzog's photographed look at the largest Buddhist ritual in Bodh Gaya, India.

The Wheel 2015

An Egyptian couple employed by a circus is bored. When the couple is introduced to a new show: "The Wheel", hope and excitement for a reignited passion in their lives returns.

The Stone Wheel 2019

A journey through the images and the sounds of Puebla, guided by the bicycle of a knife sharpener, that narrate us fragments of his life.

The Wheel of Life 1983

Jointly and respectively directed by King Hu, Lee Hsing, and Pai Ching-Jui, three major Taiwan directors of the 1970s, this film consist of three shorts with the same cast of two actors and one actress, who through reincarnation meet in three different times.

The Fifth Wheel 2013

The life of a sub-proletarian boy in Rome through the 70S and 80s, choosing his own path with his lifetimes friends and family.

The Wheel 1993

Odyssey of a man charged with taking a corpse to the neighboring village.

The Wheel

Rana, a sex worker, had an unexpected moment on her 25th birthday. Almost killed by her pimp, rlRana was saved by a stranger named Awan. They took refuge at a rented room where they argued about the problem they're having. Then, Rana realized what happened to her was her birthday wish coming true. Just like a Jentera, a wheel spinning on the same axis.

The Wheel 2011

A visually imaginative tale of a dutiful young man, fated to maintain the balance of the world – and his mischievous sister, determined to test the balance.

Shaolin: Wheel of Life 2001

Have you ever done a handstand... on the tips of your index fingers? How about snapping iron bars over your head as if they were bread-sticks? You'll witness these amazing feats and much more in this astonishing London performance of China's legendary Shaolin monks. In perfecting their martial arts prowess, these devoted Buddhists have honed their physical and mental disciplines to such an uncommon degree that their movements seem almost supernaturally powerful. From the athletic contortions of a young acolyte to an older monk being hoisted aloft on the points of sharpened spears, these men and boys have conquered and crossed boundaries of control that would strike most outsiders as impossible if it weren't for their living proof. In demonstrating these and other kung fu skills, the Shaolin also enact their history as an enduring order, providing a theatrical narrative that's literally breathtaking.

Wheel of Fortune 1983

Wheel of Fortune is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin. The show features a competition in which contestants solve word puzzles, similar to those used in Hangman, to win cash and prizes determined by spinning a giant carnival wheel. The original daytime version aired on NBC from January 6, 1975, to June 30, 1989. It was on CBS from July 17, 1989, until January 11, 1991, and returned to NBC from January 14 to September 20, 1991, when it was canceled permanently. The daily syndicated version of the series premiered on September 19, 1983. The daytime version was originally hosted by Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford, with Charlie O'Donnell as its announcer. O'Donnell left in 1980, Woolery in 1981, and Stafford in 1982; they were replaced, respectively, by Jack Clark, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White. After Clark's 1988 death, M. G. Kelly took over briefly as announcer until O'Donnell returned in 1989; O'Donnell remained on the daytime version until its cancellation, and continued to announce on the syndicated show until his 2010 death, after which Jim Thornton replaced him. Sajak left the daytime version in January 1989 to host the late-night talk show The Pat Sajak Show, and was replaced on that version by Rolf Benirschke. Bob Goen replaced Benirschke when the daytime show moved to CBS, then remained as host until the daytime show was canceled altogether. The syndicated version has been hosted continuously by Sajak and White since its inception.

Wheel of Fortune 1981

Wheel of Fortune is an Australian television game show produced by Grundy Television. The program aired on the Seven Network from 1981 to 2004 and November 2005 to July 2006 and is mostly based on the same general format as the original American version of the program. After Wheel of Fortune ended, the format was revived by the Nine Network in 2008 as Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune, until it was cancelled in June 2008 due to low ratings following arguments from long-time host John Burgess concerning why he did not like the show. An earlier unrelated show also titled Wheel of Fortune had been broadcast on the Nine Network. That version had been developed by Reg Grundy as a radio game show before it transferred to television in 1959.

The Wheel 2017

Ordinary people rely on their own skills to survive in six different South American landscapes, including the tundra, mountains and rain forest.

Wheel 2000

Wheel 2000 is a children's version of the American game show Wheel of Fortune. The show was created by Scott Sternberg. David Sidoni hosted the program and Cyber Lucy, a virtual reality character, served as hostess. The show premiered on September 13, 1997 on CBS and ran through February 7, 1998 with repeats continuing through September 26. It was broadcast simultaneously on CBS and GSN.

Wheel Squad

Wheel Squad is an animated television series produced by M6 Metropole, RAI, and France Animation. The show involves four kids who like riding skateboards, mountain bikes, roller skates, and so forth. They also protect their community from vandals and greedy businesspeople.

Wheel of Fortune 1988

Lykkehjulet is the Danish version of the Wheel of Fortune television game show. Airing in 1988, the show was the first big American game show to be imported to Denmark and it was one of the first successes for Danish broadcaster TV2 when it became Denmark's second TV channel in 1988. The show originally used the "shopping" format of the American program in which winnings were used to buy studios prizes, such as furniture, appliances, and trips. In later years the format was changed to reflect the American version of all-cash winnings. The host during the first season was Michael Meyerheim with Pia Dresner as the letter-turning co-host. Thereafter, the show was hosted by Bengt Burg from 1989 to 2000, with a short stint by Keld Heick during the 1996-1997 season. The final season in 2001 season was hosted by Lars Herlow. The letter-turning co-hosts were Carina Jensen and Maria Hirse. The show's announcers during the run of the program were Ole Jacobsen, then Henrik Hannibal and later, Dennis Johannesson. The show ran for 3,599 episodes until it was cancelled in 2001 due to declining viewership and a failed attempt at modernizing the format in the final year.

Midnight Ferris Wheel 2013

A drama about three families who live in an upscale neighborhood. On the surface, it appears they have attained wealth and happiness, but trouble brews behind closed doors.

Wheel of Fortune 2018

Shinozaki Ayumi receives a strange call telling her that an earthquake will occur one hour from now. She hangs up the phone thinking it was just a prank call. But one hour later, she feels herself sway a little. When she turns on the television, she realizes that what the caller said about the time and the epicenter was on the mark. After that, she receives another phone call from the same caller who identifies himself as Kazama. He says that he knows what will happen in the future because he went back to a certain spot from the future and made a fresh start in life. Calling this time travel “Repeat”, he invites Ayumi to be his guest. Besides Ayumi, Mori Keisuke and Tendo Taro are among the eight people who have been invited by Kazama to participate in “Repeat”. These eight people who are making a repeat as a result of past regrets, are hit with a series of unanticipated events.

The Hamster Wheel 2011

The Hamster Wheel is an Australian television satirical comedy series broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation television station ABC1. It is presented by The Chaser.

Wheel of Fortune

There are two Philippine versions of Wheel of Fortune. The first was aired on ABC 5 aired from November 2001 to October 2002. It was hosted by Rustom Padilla and Victoria London. The second and more recent one was a program that aired on ABS-CBN, with Kris Aquino as main host, while Zara Aldana and Jasmine Fitzgerald alternated as puzzle assistants for each puzzle. Aquino's version started on January 14, 2008. Advertisements for the ABS-CBN version started during that station's coverage of the Mayweather-Hatton fight on December 9, 2007. It involved a puzzle that would reveal the title of the show. Then advertisements urged viewers to join via text messaging. Despite Wheel of Fortune having two Philippine versions, the ABS-CBN version, as well as several of its advertisements and press releases, do not seem to recognize Rustom Padilla's version. The ABS-CBN version ended its run on July 25, 2008. Unlike the ABC version, which ended unceremoniously, this one formally had its last episode, with games competed by teams each composed of a child and an adult, with Aquino even making her Deal or No Deal gestures at the end. Aquino also hosts the Philippine version of the said program.

Once Upon a Wheel

Once Upon a Wheel is a 1971 ABC television documentary on the history of auto racing. It was hosted by Paul Newman and was directed and produced by David Winters. A racing enthusiast, Newman narrated this hour long documentary on the history of auto racing. Joining Newman was Mario Andretti, Kirk Douglas, Hugh Downs, Dean Martin, Cesar Romero, Dick Smothers and many others. TV Guide featured an article on the program as well as Newman on the cover in the April 17, 1971 issue. The film was released to home video by Monterey Media.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a long-running New Zealand television game show that is hosted by television personality Jason Gunn and co-host Sonia Gray. It screens on TVNZ channel TV ONE.

Wheel of Fortune 1952

Wheel of Fortune is an American game show hosted by Todd Russell which ran from 1952-1953 on CBS in both daytime and nighttime versions.

NASCAR Beyond the Wheel

NASCAR Beyond the Wheel is a documentary program that aired on Speed Channel in the 2005 and 2006 seasons. The program was produced by NASCAR Images and mixed film footage, audio from the Fox/FX and NBC/TNT telecasts and the radio broadcasts from Motor Racing Network, Performance Racing Network, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network. In addition, a key driver and/or crew chief was interviewed each week. Late in the show's run, the driver interview was almost always with the race winner. George Lee was the narrator in 2005 and the start of 2006, but Lee died in 2006. Jim Birdsall, who has also been heard on NFL Films, took over during the 2006 season. NASCAR Beyond the Wheel, as well as 7 Days, were cancelled by Speed Channel after the 2006 season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. On April 30, 2007, NASCAR Beyond the Wheel won the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Event Turnaround program.

The Money Wheel

The Money Wheel was a business news television program aired on weekdays on the CNBC network from its inception in 1989 until 1998. Initially, The Money Wheel covered almost all of the channel's business day hours, airing continuously from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET each day. The show's hours were later cut back to 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 2 to 3 p.m. ET as other programs were introduced to the schedule. The show gave viewers the latest market action on Wall Street as the trading day progressed. The Money Wheel was hosted by many anchors of CNBC, including Ted David, Felicia Taylor, Bill Griffeth, Sue Herera, Ron Insana, Terry Keenan, John Stehr and Kevin McCullough. Regular segments included Taking Stock where viewers could phone-in and ask the guest analysts' recommendations on certain stocks. As a result of CNBC's alliance with Dow Jones, the show was renamed Market Watch in the morning and was replaced by an extended Street Signs in the afternoon. At the time, most segments remained the same.

The 5th Wheel

The 5th Wheel is an American dating reality series that aired in syndication from 2001 to 2004. The show was initially hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, but when Tyler left after completing the first season, the remaining two seasons were hosted in narration by announcer Tom Gottlieb. The series' closing slogan was, "...where strangers become friends, friends become lovers, and lovers become bitter, suicidal exes all on the same show." However, when Gottlieb took over the show, the catchphrase was altered accordingly to say "...where strangers become lovers and lovers become bitter suicidal exes all in the same show."

Wheel Ghar Ghar Mein

Wheel Ghar Ghar Mein is a game show that airs on Zee TV. It premiered on April 20, 2009 and is a daily show. The show replaced Dhoop Mein Thandi Chaav...Maa that ended on April 17, 2009.

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